Papers and other publications

Inclusive Robotics for a Better Society – Selected Papers from INBOTS Conference 2018

Robotics and Labour Law Final Fiscal Law May 2018

Artificial Intelligence and civil law: liability rules for drones

New technologies and Law. Challenges and opportunities posed by Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Some Lessons Learnt From Environmental Labelling Information Schemes: Could Certification Of Inclusive Robotics Follow A Similar Path?

Responsible Research and Innovation in Robotics. Book of abstracts and presentations

International Seminar UCM – CertificaRSE: Adapting Tax Rules To Global Challenges

Inclusive robotics and work: some issues in labour and tax regulatory framework

Inclusive Robotics and Work: Some Issues in Labour and Tax regulatory Framework


Self-coaching tools for conducting responsible research and innovation (RRI) with social robots (International Workshop at ICSR, Madrid 2019)

ROBOTICS: IMAGE AND RIGHT, a Paper of Ana Lambea at the Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights Congress. UNED 11 to 13 November 2019

Digital environment, Robotics and minors, an article in the Civil Law Journal by Ana Lambea Rueda (original publication page)

ROBOTICS, CINEMA AND LAW, article at by Ana Lambea Rueda

Artificial Intelligence as Producer and Consumer of Copyright Works: Evaluating the Consequences of Algorithmic Creativity. By Enrico Bonadio & Luke McDonagh

Educational Robotics for STEM: A Review of Technologies and Some Educational Considerations. Sapounidis, T., & Alimisis, D. (2020). Science and Mathematics Education for 21st Century Citizens:  Challenges and Ways Forward (pp. 167–190). 

Publication of CWA 17664:2021 Lower-limb wearable devices – Performance test method for walking on uneven terrain