As INBOTS is trying to create the most relevant hub for interactive robotics in Europe, we collaborate with other EU initiatives to increase our impact.


EUROBENCH project aims to create the first unified benchmarking framework for robotic systems in Europe. We offer financial support to third parties, in two Open Calls, who must built two benchmarking facilities and a unified benchmarking software.
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RobotUnion is designed to increase the number of unicorns in Europe in leveraging on European uniqueness and expertise in robotics related fields by implementing an ambitious accelerating programme.
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DIH² is a network of 26 DIHs, with a target to reach over 170 DIHs. The sole aim of the network is to spark incremental (cut 50% cost of advance robotics solutions, double the growth of robotics market) and disruptive (maximum productivity & optimum agility) innovations in over 300,000 Manufacturing SMEs and Mid-Caps. It will support SMEs in their Agile Production challenge (50% increase in productivity) and unleash their digitalization potential by enabling robot solutions that are more cost effective at lower lot sizes.

Wearable Robots

The COST Action CA16116 “Wearable Robots for augmentation, assistance or substitution of human motor functions” is a pan-European network of scientists, engineers, manufacturers and other stakeholders around the topic of Wearable Robots (WR), strengthening WR as a field of Research, Development and Innovation, as well as supporting the societal embedding of Wearable Robots in diverse environments, including Healthcare and Industrial applications.
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ROSin project supports the European Union’s strong role within ROS Industrial and thus consolidates Europe’s expertise in advanced manufacturing.


European SMEs Robotics Applications is a starting point for European SMEs designing and developing robotic solutions. ESMERA promotes applied robotics technology developed for industrial challenges set by key European companies


We are a team of accelerators, investors, and corporations in the startup ecosystem. Since 2014, we have been named one of the top accelerators in Spain and Europe. In 2016, we launched IMPACT Growth, a project  kicking high-performing excellence.


The objective of EXTEND is to achieve a minimally invasive bidirectional neural interface platform capable of distributed stimulation and sensing of neuromuscular activity.