The 2nd EUROBENCH Open Call closed on November 30th at 5pm. More than 50 proposals have requested funding to test their robotic technologies in the first benchmarking framework for bipedal robotics in Europe. Considering the technologies to be tested, 72,59% of the proposals are related to exoskeletons, 21,49% to humanoids, 3,72% to protheses and 2,20% to non-bipedal systems.

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Guide for applicants



1. What does the first-come-first-served scheme mean?

It means that proposals will be evaluated in chronological order of arrival until the budget is exhausted.


2. I am interested in participating in more than one option, can I do it?

Yes, by submitting more than one proposal. Each proposal should target only one option.


3. If I choose two options, can I get maximum funding from both?

No, the limit is € 100k for each proposal.


4. Is there a minimum budget that can be funded?

No, only maximum.


5. My entity was funded during fstp-1, can I participate in fstp2?

Yes, but within the € 100k limit per participant. If you have already obtained the maximum funding (€ 100k) in the first call, you can participate as well, but without being eligible for funding.


6. Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, but you cannot obtain more than 100k€ of funding across all proposals.


7. Can I include entities from non-eligible countries in my consortium?

Yes, they can be part of the Consortium but they will not be eligible for funding.


8. Do we need to submit our own ethical approval if we intend to use the facility in the EUROBENCH test site?

You will have to report the protocol description, but we (from EUROBENCH side) are going to submit such protocol to our local ethical committee. If the same protocol has been also approved by your local ethical committee, this may facilitate the process of approval on our site. You can refer to it in the proposal stage.


9. Does EUROBENCH provide wireless bipolar sEMG recordings?

Yes, Delsys Trigno, 8 channels.


10. Can we specify which testbed of the projects of the first call we can work with?

Yes, you should specify it.


11. Which criteria are you currently adopting to classify the product at the Proof of Concept stage?

We don’t verify that the device is at a defined TRL. You have the responsibility of bringing a functional device at the facility.