The EU-funded EUROBENCH project is working to create the first benchmarking framework for robotic systems in Europe, with the aim of enabling companies and researchers to test the performance of robots at any stage of development.
To create this benchmarking framework, the EUROBENCH consortium has organised two open calls to fund projects for the development and validation of facilities through the Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) procedure. Thanks to the collaboration of the funded entities, EUROBENCH has developed:

  1. Two Testing Facilities, one for wearable robots (located in the Hospital Los Madroños, in Brunete, Spain) and the other for humanoid robots (located in the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, in Genova, Italy), to allow perform standardized tests on robotic prototypes in a unique location, saving resources and time.
  2. A unified Benchmarking Software, which includes: 1) common protocols to execute standardized tests in any lab setting, 2) computational tools to compute performance scores according to quantitative Performance Indicators, and 3) a unified database to compare the performance results with other systems.

This final event aims to bring together all the entities that have participated in the development of EUROBENCH. All companies and researchers in the field of robotics are also welcome! It is an essential meeting for robotics benchmarking in Europe.